Thursday, April 14, 2005


The man once called "the baddest man on the planet,'' Tyson has agreed to fight the Irish-bred Kevin McBride in June. The Irishman McBride is also an over-30 with a career record of 32-4-1 with 27 wins by knockout. He is not considered a serious contender for the heavyweight title.
Shelly Finkel told The Washington Post that Tyson, who is estimated to be almost $40 million in debt, has been training in Arizona and successfully renewed his license with the D.C. Boxing and Wrestling Commission. Yes, Mike Tyson is headed to the nations Capital...and after the fight he has an appointment to get a tattoo of Holyfield's ear on his right shoulder. This is a follow-up to the ink that he got not to long ago on his face. Sources say that Iron Mike got wasted off of some Mad Dog 20/20 at a college party, Raped a whole fraternity pretending to be a gay Ted Bundy, and forced an artist to scribble some tribal shit on his grill while he was doing a keg stand. That must be why the shit came out all fucked up. He wants to continue to add more and more to the tattoo he said claiming that it helps him enjoy time with his kids and mirror. Here's a computer enhanced picture of what he may look like in a few weeks before the fight. Remember, intimidation is key. LOL!

Don't be alarmed, his kids love the red power ranger.

It's always an event when "the teacher," KRS-ONE comes through. He is known to incite discussion through his provocative comments and high lyrical quotient. KRS, one of the leading forces behind the Temple of Hip-Hop movement, has been on the scene since the late '80s. His track record - more than 10 albums and leadership in the politics-fueled hip-hop lyricism of the early '90s - is more than enough to cement his rep. Readers interested in what the Temple of Hip-Hop is all about can click over to Also check out his latest album Keep Right.

DJ Premier has an up-coming album due out in early May called "The Kings Of Hip Hop". This is not his debut solo album though, it will feature a new artist called Mr. Thing and will be released on Rapster Records. This album is a follow-up to the other recent Rapster releases, The Kings of Funk and The Kings of Disco. Rapster is the actual label for anyone on BBL entertainment, they always put out great music and compilations, so keep ya fuckin' eyes open jerky.

Rapper Lil' Kim believed she was "above the law" and could lie to a federal grand jury when asked about a 2001 shootout outside Hot 97 radio station, a prosecutor said in her closing arguments Monday. "Maybe Kimberly Jones bought into her own image," Assistant Manhattan U.S. Attorney Cathy Seibel said referring to the rapper by her real name. "Maybe she believed that she was a 'Queen Bee' who is above the law, that for a multi-faceted superstar, the rules were different," Seibel continued, noting that Lil' Kim contradicted her grand jury testimony when she testified during her trial. Lil' Kim, who is on trial with her personal assistant, Monique Dopwell, is charged with perjury and conspiracy for allegedly trying to derail a federal grand jury probe into the Feb. 25, 2001, shooting in which one man was injured. Seibel said among the contradictory testimony Lil' Kim gave was whether she recognized a photograph of Suif Jackson, one of the men accused of firing shots outside the radio station. Jackson, a member of Lil' Kim's entourage, pleaded guilty in the shooting. "It's like 'Alice in Wonderland,'" Seibel said. "It's whatever lie is expedient at the moment."Seibel said Lil' Kim repeatedly told a "preposterous story" when she testified at her trial and before the grand jury because Lil' Kim and Dopwell were trying to protect Jackson and Damion Butler, another member of the rap diva's entourage. The two women told the grand jury that Butler, who also pleaded guilty in the shooting, was not present that day. Lil' Kim also claimed she could not identify Jackson when shown his photo.Witnesses testified seeing Butler and Jackson open fire outside the station and the jury saw a surveillance videos in which Butler escorted Lil' Kim in and out of the Greenwich Village radio station the day of the shooting.But Lil' Kim's lawyer, Mel Sachs, said in his closing arguments that prosecutors had a "bad, weak case" and could not prove unequivocally that his client lied intentionally and willfully. Sachs said Lil' Kim had no motive to lie because she had severed her relationship with Jackson and Butler before she testified before the grand jury, nearly two and a half years after the incident.He said that when Lil' Kim failed to identify Jackson, she had "acted responsibly" because she had wanted to be certain. Sachs also said his client was merely mistaken in her grand jury testimony. "She made an honest mistake of fact or bad memory," he said. "She's not guilty and that's the law."
My personal opinion on this is that the tit looks good and she may have to sway the jury and judge. If she hasn't talked to John Cusack yet I think she's gonna end up being someone's queen bitch! Or she can just call in The Senior Mafia...

That's one bad little BITCH. --Pope

I couldn't keep this blog going for too long with out talking about one of my favorite producers/dj's/rappers. Although I've contacted this guy numerous times, he still doesn't understand what "wiggas know". Lemme fill you in a little Zone. These kids in upstate NY have much love for you and your music because of me and a few other cats up here, not anyone else. All the other weak jocks around here are still putting last month's most played out hits on thier mixtapes. My shit had your songs, your beats blended, and other songs that you have been a part of. SHOW SOME LOVE...I got Lucy Liu's phone number for ya bro. Anyway, the reason this guy is so busy is simple...He has been in the studio for the past 4-5 months with Celph Titled recording a collaboration together called The Bo$$ Hogg Barbarian$. It should be out near the end of '05 or early '06. Info courtesy of Zone's site. He says that he has no label for distro yet, but I'm gonna go ahead and assume that Fatbeats will probably pick this project up if Spike has any brains.

JULY '05

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