Wednesday, April 06, 2005


"I'll keep my heat beats, you better off on your own." -The Vinylcologist
OKeDoughKe...The issue at hand is the beats, beats, and more beats. "got any beats yo?????" I just wanna fill you yutes in on what is going to happen in the 'o5 with me and Finer Arts. The site is no longer, and the new site is up and running. From this day forward, unless you are paying... you are getting absolutly nothing from me. Jack and Katz may have a different view on this topic, but I'm tired...too tired of giving my beats to people and not getting shit in return except a shout out and a cover charge... If I just wanted a shout out I could call the radio station and give myself one. Granted, the songs that I have done in the past are fuckin' fire in my eyes and I had tons of dope sessions with great emcees and disc jocks, and I will still do some joints fro free from time to time. I've made an unbelievable amount of new friends, who I consider great friends, BUT...that shit ain't paying my bills. It's paying other peoples bills, and it's helping thier music career. I went to school for music and it's the only thing I don't make money on. Yes I sell mixtapes here and there, and Yes I try to keep my shit somewhat exclusive to my style, but if I focused more on my own shit than other peoples, I'd probably have a house on Lake George. On that note look out for new heat coming from Origin Ill. We are currently discussing who to approach for a distro and pressing deal. The tee shirts should be here on schedule and they will be for sale on Memorial Day weekend as well as copies of Gone But Not Forgotten Pts. 1 & 2.

That's all for now...more bitching later.

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