Thursday, December 01, 2011



Haven't even peeped this yet, just saw it pop up. Gant is a beast, and he's had his pass for a while now. Im sure this has more than a few things worth rewinding. He teams up with his brother Blanc for a few jams as well.

01. Intro (ft. DJ Ready Cee)
02. Paul Stanley (ft. J Blanc)
03. Gant vs. Run DMC
04. Problems (ft. J57 & Tek)
05. When Lions Eat Kittens (ft. Pius & DJ IXL)
06. Ulitmiate High (ft. J Blanc)
07. You Aint This (ft. Bekay and Deejay Element)
08. Let Your Light Shine (ft. J Blanc & Pius)
09. Say What You Mean
10. Break
11. Freedom (ft. J Blanc)
12. Iron Eagle
13. 9th Advancement (ft. Pius)
14. How I Get It (ft. J Blanc)
15. Screwed up Freestyle (ft. J Blanc)
16. Time Has Come
17. Anti-Angelz (ft. Bekay, Shabaam Sahdeeq, FT & Red Eye) (Infinity Gauntlet)
18. Disruptin’ the Game (ft. Big John and K
ool Keith)
19. Outro

Download "Rule By Secrecy"

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