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Real cool mixtape here put out by A string of great artists and production teams, mixed by none other than DJ Doo Wop, 1 half of The Diaz Brothers. I came up on it a little while ago, but I always sit on stuff to give it a listen before I post it. This release is United Crates approved.

Download "Counterstrike"


I told you last post this was my artist of the year from the west coast. There's a reason why.


He's been talking about this all year on twitter making small references all year and now it is finally here. Nice beat and song selection make this a dope disc to ride to. BBAS was on the grind hard in 2011, and now steps off 2012 with a bang.

01.Blacastan – Blac Magic (Audible Doctor Remix)
02.Homeboy Sandman – Not Pop (Audible Doctor Remix)
03.Has-Lo – Reincarnate (prod. by Audible Doctor)
04.Von Pea – Pep Rally (Audible Doctor Remix)
05.Magestik Legend – Feel What I Feel feat. Fes Roc & Audible Doctor (Audible Doctor Remix)
06.Boog Brown – Understanding (Audible Doctor Remix)
07.Soul Khan – Shot Glass Magnified feat. Sene & Audible Doctor (Audible Doctor Remix)
08.Trek Life – As The World Turns feat. Olivier Daysoul (Audible Doctor Remix)
09.Brown Bag AllStars – Crumbling Down (Audible Doctor Remix)
10.YC The Cynic – Fall FWD (Audible Doctor Remix)

Download "REMIX"

gotta run yo.

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