Tuesday, July 26, 2011



Hov and Yay working on WTT. Distancing themselves from all the rest to record with no distractions. I don't care what anyone says...that is a smart move.


Some Slick Rick you may not have heard. Sounds like a mix of old unreleased with new. Ypu can tell by the sound quality. I've enclosed an extra freestyle as well.
Download "Rickey D"


Lord Finesse's set
1) Sadat X - Stages and Lights (instrumental)
2) Sadat X - Hang Em High
3) Mic Geronimo - Men Vs Many (w/OC & Royal Flush)
4) Fugees -
5) Fat Joe - Firewater (w/Raekwon)
6) Royal Flush - Worldwide
7) Lord Finesse - Actual Facts (w/Sadat X, Grand Puba, Large Professor)
8) Organized Konfusion - Bring it on (Buckwild Remix)
9) Lord Finesse interview/freestyles
DJ Mayhem's set
10) Natural Elements - Shine
11) INI - Fakin Jaz (Remix w/Pete Rock)
12) Fab 5 - Laflaur Leflah Eshkoshka (Part 2)
13) Tragedy - Funk Mode (w/Havoc, Large Professor)
14) Mad Skillz - The Jam
15) Kool G Rap - Fast Life (w/Nas)(Vinyl Reanimators Remix)
16) Pop Da Brown Hornet - Black on Black Crime 17) Onyx - Evil Streets (w/Method Man)
17) Onyx Interview/Freestyle

Old Finesse mixtape. These are great to archive and break out every now and again.
Download. "New York Live"

Here's one a little more rare.


This features Hip hop on one side and RnB on on the flip. Classic old school flava and sound.
Download "World Series"


BHF '11 - Show & Prove Super Bowl from BrooklynBodegaTV on Vimeo.

A few posts ago I shared some pictures with you from Brooklyn Hip Hop Fest. Here's a vid that my man Katz posted. He's up in there on the keys and his boy Jeff got some camera time as well. That trip was dope and I hope I can swing it again next year.
I'll just charge it to the game.

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