Sunday, August 28, 2005


Why? (you ask), because...Jadakiss and Styles says so, dats why. While Shitty Cent was trying to use piggybank as a way to promote his new album 'The Massacre', he forgot that some people take this shit serious...especially people who can walk the walk when it comes to writing diss tracks. The door swings both ways...Peep.
"Hey yo It's Hov....H-to-the-OV"

Jay-Z the current President and CEO of Def Jam Records is back in the studio hopping on track after track to help promote Rocafella and it's string of new artists...He seems to have the industry in somewhat of a chokehold, with fans salivating for his return. Meanwhile, Kanye West gets ready to drop his sophomore album with the hit single Gold Digger f. Jaime Foxx going strong, blazing up the charts as we speak. Check out the write up that Billboard gave him along with a breakdown of his new album. and, before I forget... all you fans that can't wait for Hova's official return here's a little something to keep you at bay. Note: this is highly exclusive and probably wont be out for at least 3 months. Enjoy wigga.
Kels.....Go Home (Homo)

If any of you had the chance last night to catch the MTV music awards you saw R Kelly make a complete ass of himself with his latest 'trapped in the closet' series. My question is this...Why the fuck would anyone wanna see you tell a 10 minute story that has 6 other parts to it on national live tv? What if they didn't buy your weak cd? What if they hated it on your cd? Do me a favor...rape another 14 year old...and this time shit on her instead of pissing...that's something that people would actually wanna see. Sick fuck. Better yet, try buttfucking Nelly on live tv, I bet that they wouldn't even cut the video off and Nelly would give an extraordinary reach around. You two are a couple of FAGITS!!!!, and the girls in your videos are there to add to the front.

...and dare wuz butter oozing out his leg...

The latest scene in South Beach when the second bullet missed Suge's Head and hit this crackwhore. How funny is it that she actually has Cory Feldman to escort her to the hospital? Actually, what really happened was this...She was on her cell and that shit ran out of minutes and self destructed in her ear...the people around her laughed since her bloodstained shirt was homemade. We The ReEEEEEEEtards... well, you know the rest.

EYE Candy ------0-O----->Gina.
more for you morons soon.

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