Thursday, September 01, 2005


This is an upcoming grafitti and clothing company that I happened to stumble on while surfing the net. The merchandise is very hot including tees, hats, hoodies, and much more. They even have a seperate section that is dedicated to the sale of thier artwork. My guess is that this site is gonna blow up similar to the way Ecko Unlimited did back in the 90's. Thier gear looks dope, not to mention it's something other than Sean John, or do I dare say the gastly G-Unit collection. As soon as they restock, I'll be should too, if you know whats good for you. Don't be the last on the block looking like a fool cause you are still rockin' some LRG (Lifted Research). AIGHT?!!????


Halloween is you got your gear?????
In The Pink:
This is a special dedication to all you idiots who think you look good in pink. Lemme just fill you in on a bit of info...The only dude that looks good in pink is The Pink Panther, hence his name and his cool persona tends to back everything up. You on the otherhand think that pink makes you look cute. WRONG! You look like a fuckin' fool that lost his way from a Walk-A-Thon for breast cancer. Even if I was trying to dress to impress a wouldn't catch me in some tight pink shi(r)t. Let me try to think of some others who tried pink and it ruined thier career...hrmmmm. Oh shit, Pink! the pop icon, where has she been????? Maybe she realized that dying your hair that color can't secure you a spot in the music industry. Or could it be that the color pink is out now according to fashion world and the critics that write for In Style magazine. Oh Wait..I was never cool in the first place to rock pink. Cam' Ron took it so far that he tricked out a Range Rover and even put pink rims on it. Bottom Line: PINK SUCKS...the pop icon sucks, the store in Manhatthan Sucks, Cam's rover sucks, light red sucks, the pink in Pink Floyd sucks, anything that has to do with it sucks. The only exception is pussy. pussy can be's suppost to be. Woah, I think we may be on to something here. Pink is for PUSSIES. nyay.

Gimme the Loot

"all hell has broken loose and we can't tie him back up" ---Some Fuckin' Retard

After the devistation of Hurricane Katrina some people who literally have nothing to lose. A shootout occured where a cop took one to the head and the looter took off with his watch. Some good news though... Wal Mart gained some new customers...even the security got in one the action. "Click on Looting".. give it a sec to play. This is why us whitey's are scared of you coloreds.
Here's a joke...What's the top selling t-shirt in New Orleans right now????

Give Up?????

"this recovery will take a long time" ---President Bush

supreme beatsmith.
protector of the city.
arrogant asshole.

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