Tuesday, September 27, 2005

GET THE GASFACE..BUHuhuahaahahauah

Now isn't this some shit? I'm starting to become convinced that this gas price thing isn't just from the Bush administration. I mean, they surely have a lot to do with it, but there are other things that are really starting to bother me as well. For Instance, ever notice that in very compact areas there are a ton of traffic lights, and when there aren't traffic lights, it's a stop sign? The most recent gas guzzler is the invention of the speed hump in quiet neighborhoods. Easy enough right, now think of this...from now on try to keep track, just for shits and giggles, how many of those stop signs don't really need to be there or where they have recently put some up. Along with keeping track of that let's think about how many times your cruzing along and approaching a light that has been red for some time now (like since you could see it from a far), so you try to pace yourself and your vehicle so that it will change to green before you reach it. What happens next???? The same thing that always happens...you come to a complete stop and then the light changes to green. Is it just me or does it seem like the Department of Transportation is in on this shit too. It just goes together a little to well. The government controls the Transportation Authority, and the Transportation Authority controls the timing of the lights, how many stop signs, yield signs, and speed humps there are in a given area. Most people would never take it to this level of thinking, but I am not most people. I'm a pissed of individual that knows when I'm being taken advantage of. Just think, that shit is something we deal with everyday that we drive, just like gas. The only difference is that the ripping off isn't right in your face. I'm not going to claim this is a conspiracy or no shit like that. It's just a thought. Think to yourself and see where it leads. Hopefully you won't be haunted by every stop sign you pass by.
----D.O.T. (dept. of transpo) gets the GASFACE!

MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL... (capital district update)

...but I don't wanna go on the plane!!!.!!
Hey gang, John Madden here to fill you in on where the good specials are in our area for everyone's favorite night with me...Monday Night Football!!!!! If you've recently purchased my signature popcorn popper, please make a note that they have all been recalled due to the butter packets not opening and the cord can cause a deadly electric shock. Ok, enough of that garbage, on to the specials. I was sad to discover that not only are people around here behind the times, but thier specials are too. Well, I guess that's just Smallbany for ya.
TJ's Cafe - Central Ave, Albany: $2-coronas, 1/2 price domestic, and .35cent wings.
Fresno's - Broadway, Troy: $1 drafts and $1 bottles of Bud, Bud Light, Coors, and Labatts, also .25cent wings.
Joe's Grill - Central Ave, Albany: $2 drafts, and surprize gumbo.
Philly's Bar and Grill - Rt. 155, Latham, $2 domestic drafts .30cent wings.
Bennigan's - Route 7, Latham, 2 for 1 beers.
Chili's - Wolf Rd, Albany, 2 for 1 drafts and singnature margaritas.
J.T. Maxie's - Wolf Rd., Albany, $2.50 bottles Bud, Bud Light, Coors, 10 wings for $4.00
Applebee's - Rt. 2, Latham, 1/2 price appetizers, Bud, Coors, Labatts, $1 drafts
The Arc - Rt. 155, Watervliet, 5 for $5 Coors bottles and .30cent wings.
----weak ass specials in the Albany area get the GASFACE!

Yeah, Yeah, We'll call you next week... shmuck.

From the looks of this picture, it looks like he got the job right. Wrong! He got the same thing that every other job market hopeful gets. A lie right to his face. They say that they will call you and they never do, they say that they need to evaluate your references, but they don't, and last but not least they claim to be an equal opportunity employer, and they only hire hot girls and uptight metrosexuals that have some inside connection to the company. I really can't talk too much because I haven't really put in that much time as far as looking for a job. To be honest there isn't shit around here that I would be interested in, or something that I could use my experience to my advantage. Although I dropped off my resume at a ton of places, I still have to call and followup. I don't call this a followup though, it's more like hounding, bugging, being a pest...until they take your well written cover letter and resume and throw it in the garbage. This even after they say "we'll call you next week sometime". Why would I wanna work for a company that has already lied to me once. This could only mean that it could get worse, much worse. First, it's a small little itty bitty lie, then it spirals into a much bigger lie. Pretty soon you've stripped yourself of any confidence that you may have had coming into the job, and you're beginning to act not-so-like yourself. Biting your lip everytime someone walks by, or spending a shitload of money on dress shirts and nice shoes just to fit in. Fuck that! They say to usually give them a week, but by that time your "impressive" resume along with 20 others are at the bottom of a stack with coffee and danish stains all over it. Then you find out that the person who actually got the job you applied for, probably lied on thier resume, was a friend of the corperate family, or knew someone that put in a few good words. That really isn't your fault, it's the companies fault for not seeing the potential in you that you see in yourself. Hard to understand right, not really when you've been through it over and over again. I mean what is the point of bouncing from job to job when you could be actually adding years of experience to your resume that can really help you in the long run, not just for the time being. I'd love to get up everyday to go to a studio where I could work with big name acts and not only make great music, but a decent living as well. I could promise you that I would have no complaints. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I'll call you in a week or so.
----corporate liars get the GASFACE!

Here's something interesting that I found surfing the net today. I know that in this day and age we have to be on alert for the mass amount of things that are being bootlegged everyday...cds, dvds, tee-shirts, Air-Jordans, and even video games. Never thought that I would see the day that someone bootlegged a hot dog stand. Now I have seen it all folks. Not only is this guy an immigrant that stinks like rusty onions, he claims to have started the first Gus's Hot Dog Stand. We all know that isn't true though. Our asses crave the real blowouts and spillage from the gutbuster grease pit that we've all come to love. The REAL Gus's Hot Dogs in Watervliet, NY
---Gus's (bootleg) Hot Dogs gets the GASFACE!


Not only is the tribe fighting for thier trip to the World Series, but they have to beat out the Red Sox and The Yankees. One thing that puzzles me though...what the fuck is wrong with these tv program directors not putting them on ESPN or even Fox Sports????? Get a clue you fuckin' corky's and put some Indians games on or I'll clip your ballhairs off and feed them to your girlfriends best friends. Got it partna????GOOD! Yet, another thing that puzzles me tho...Joe Torre was on the verge of getting fired, and the Yankee's were pretty much the worst team in baseball, how is it that they always seem to be right there for the race to the end no matter how bad the beginning of thier season was????? Jus plain GAY if you ask me. Fuck the Yankme's. You know what they autta do???? Put some apartments inside Yankee Stadium and have The Real World do a whole season there. Maybe then they would be happy with all the publicity they receive.

Porn Stars Beware of those too too High Heels.

Will The Real Gangsters Please Stand Up??????
50 Cent is trying to promote his new video game and movie along with another new album in the works. Apparently he didn't hear that Jada and Styles got in his ass. Here's a new single for all you idiots that think he is still the man.
----50 gets the GASFACE!

These guys forgot that it wasn't loaded.

EYE CANDY++++---0-O----++++
Crotch shot king. 1

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