Monday, September 12, 2005


Lil' Kim...we all love her...we all hate her. But, she continues to amaze dropping hot songs while we keep dropping our jaws. Her crazy antics and wild wardrobe have us all wondering....what's going on inside that little head of hers. All this while awaiting her vacation upstate...I may have to kick it to here since she's gonna be up here for a bit. I'm sure that if she tried to diss me though I'd have goofyslap her weave off that dome and scream in her face "shut up bitch!!!" .
new album...The Naked Truth in stores Sept. 13th...but actually, you ain't buying shit. Let's try this again. official download date: Sept. 13th.
******THE MUSIC ISSUE********

Juelz Santana is hard at work getting the final mixes together for his new album due out sooner than later. His mixtapes The Big Picture and Back Like Cooked Crack) were and still are in high demand. I personally think that Cam has the best lyrics out of Dipset, he's a veteran schooling this kiddies through the game. Peep an exclusive that proly won't be on the album.

...the only purple I've ever worn was on a Charlotte Hornets Jersey back in the day.
...and another one.

the brokest rapper you know?

Sean Price is set to release his followup to the unforgettable donkey sean jr. The new cd is called Passion of The Price and will have freestyles and funny shit as well as exclusives. We are bound to see production by Da Beatminerz, Scram Jones, Agallah, and 9th Wonder...and maybe yours truly. He has a beat cd we gave him like a few months ago...I probably shouldn't be holding my breath.
take a free style ...on me.


Tell me...wouldn't it suck a big fat dick if you saved up your money to buy your favorite pair of kicks from back in the day, paid the those shits in the door and then finding out that they weren't real. The same dude that just sold you those is probably out buying the real pair for himself with your hard earned cash. worry no more.
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...and the latest update to fake

we can stop these retards ruining the sneaker game.
feel me.

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