Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Just a quickie on a flip n fuck for this week... Here's yours truly rockin the custom M. James Swarovski Astros '05 season hat with the National League Kent Jersey. M. James are the official joints...the first to do it...the right way to do it...all others are just the M.O.'s ...
M.O. tations.
Rhinestones are for suckers.

"kICk IN tHE dOOR"

Wrexclusive shit to the soon to be released Don Smog-Puncture Wound will contain some lost songs, exclusive freestyles, and remixes that will not be released on the album.
It will also be very hard to find concidering we are only releasing 5-10 copies...the spread of this will mostly rely on dubs...but you guys should know plenty about that you pirates of the music sea.


I still can't believe that this dude is gone...It's almost about that time when he would've been dropping an new album. I hope that RZA saves some of his acapellas for real cats, and not make the mistake that Diddy did with B.I.G.'s unheard verses. Damn.


They always say that most Part 2's are never even close to as good as the first. I beg to differ cause I'm a bit deffer than helen keller's iron made her.
D-Block's Peer Pressure II (snipper) is one of the hottest joints on the net. The mixtape grew on me, will it grow on you? Also the new Clinton Sparks n Clipse pt. 2 is very well put together. I respect that...but a little inside note to Clinton...I AM FAMILIAR, you can get rid of that sample now. I'm sure you know enough people that can give you hot drops. DO IT...............DO IT.



"WHAT THE FUCK you mean theres no Coke!!??!???,
There's Gotta be Coke!!!"

Well if you haven't heard it yet, your gonna hear it from me. Kate "da snoblower" Moss has been dropped, fired, or whatever you wanna call it from all the companies that she worked for. These companies include, but are not limited to: Burberry, Chanel, and Christian Dior. Apparently her close friend Sharon Stone has come to her rescue, and is defending her in a recent article. I never thought that she looked that great anyway, and I'm sure that you will agree. This picture is a rare shot of her actually looking attractive and not like a coke head. The thing that I can't believe is that no one caught it up until now. All models look like twigs and have the makeup that makes them looked cracked out, but maybe that's why she was so good, they could put an 8 ball in her dressing room and cancel the makeup specialist for the day. It's a lot cheaper to spend $125 for a day than $125 an hour. The other thing that bothers me is that if this was just your average girl, she would be locked up and forced into rehab for her "problem"or "addiction", and still be stuck in jail after the fact. Why is it then that when a movie star, musician, or model/actress does it, they go away to get "help" and come out a hero. What a fucked up world we live in. The next time your are reading the latest issue of OK mag, or watching Pat "pain killer" O'brien on Cracksess Hollywood, think to yourself that you and me are not any different than any of these fools, we just hang around a different crowd, got to different parties, and have different numbers on our bank statements. Other than that the only thing that seperates "us" from "them" is that "they" are in the public eye and "we" have yet to get there.
Smile back wiggas.

$100 on Oakland to win.

There are actually two brand new movies that I can't wait to go see in theater...Two For The Money starring Al Pacino and Matthew McConaughey is about an upscale sports gambling ring that....well you should go see it too. and...

"Domino Muthafucka!!!" ---Ice Cube Boyz in The Hood

If you are into the whole bounty hunter thing... Dog the Bounty Hunter, or Midnight Run, you should go and check this movie...The cinematography is seriously serious. It has and all-star cast including Christopher Walken and Lucy Lu. Pirated copies of the screener are already circulating around the net and Mickey Rourke is no joke in whatever movie he plays in. (i.e. Barfly, Spun) This is def a movie I will be going to see...I never said I was gonna pay for it...I just said I was gonna see it. So I got an idea check this... I'll catch Two For The for the first and then sneak into Domino, or vice versa, it depends on who I roll with and how I'm feeling. One thing is for sure, you can'y do THIS in the city. When it comes to great movies I'm always feeling thrifty...hence the large popcorn and soda w/ free refills...all day long.

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