Wednesday, October 12, 2005


After letting us all in on the secret that "George Bush doesn't care about black people"...his albums sales suddenly slowed down then came to an abrupt halt. I guess that he really didn't count on any of his white fans taking that to heart. And just for a sidenote...this wasn't about black or white, it was about a disaster that no one (not even congress) was prepared for. I'm surprised that some of those people even stayed to try to ride out the all the victims of Hurricane Katrina, I salute you...and to those still at the bars drinking...have one for me, after all you are on your 100th beer concidering that you've been on a 1 month drinking binge, you haven't been home yet, and the worse part is... your dog is probably pregnant.


One of our favorite DJ's, Dirty Harry is back with his latest installment. Nas Legends Vol. 1.
This mixtape is dope from start to finish and is an essential addition to any Nas collection. J-Love has released his series of Nas Legends Cds, and they aren't even worth comparing to this disc. Consisting of all Nas' classics and a few exclusives, this is the way it should be done, from a true soul survivor. I wear chains that excite the F.E.D.S. too. Crystal dogtags to be exact.


Forreal, this joint is still just as hot as it was when I bought it. The beat is bangin' and it prompted me to break out "Da Fat Gangsta" CD. Don't sleep on this one, it was, and still is ahead of it's time. Not to mention that it is 10 times better than anything he has recently released. Buy it, Download it, Get it...whatever it takes.

----EyE cAnDy----0-O------>

Debra Messing...The only other redhead worth noticing. She actually may surpass Julianne Moore for the dopest redhead on televison. ROoOaor.!

Diggin' In The Eighths

Madlib a.k.a. Loopdigga a.k.a. Beat Conductor a.k.a. DJ Rels a.k.a. Quasimoto a.k.a. Yesterday's New Quintet has a new album out. It's 11 tracks of heat with no vocals...that's right no vocals. Some of these tracks will be released seperately for the 7inch series that Stonesthrow has been doing for a while now. A DIVINE IMAGE-----(audio from the album) Enjoy your free sneak peek and make sure you go out and buy his shit so that he can keep doing what he does for us.
...a new update with video (coming soon). till then playaz. UNO!

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