Sunday, April 17, 2011



This shit had me fooled back in the day. You can totally see the strings. I'd definitely have to pull over and say something disheartening if I ever saw someone doing that now.

I really couldn't help myself on this one. I loved this movie as a kid and it shows you how hip-hop was attempting to go mainstream trying to focus on the dancing as oppose to the rapping aspect. The Chappelle joint is classic though, I wish his show would come back. Every once in a while he snaps jokes on people through twitter.
Turbo and Ozone are still out there as well. Ozone also known as shabba-doo did some choreography for Madonna and helped Jaime Kennedy put together dance sequences on one of his more recent movies. Turbo scored some small roles and movies like Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey , Naked Gun 33and1/3 (the final insult), and played as "urkelbot" on 4 episodes of Family Matters. As of 2011 they have yet to pop up on radar.


Daaaaaamn yo, are doseda "Air Siena's"?
Filmed on the steps in front of RPI.

...nice lineup on this album. Brick has been dropping dope records for years.


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