Saturday, December 31, 2005


Big Shouts goes to all the soldiers that are away fuckin' Iraq's shit up right now and keeping it safe for all of us over here celebrating out freedom. Shup Wiggaz! I tip my hat to you. Ya'll should too.

gyeah boi.


New Bangers:
Kweli - Drugs, Basketball and Rap...features Planet Asia (beat is serious)
Canibus - Vitruvian shit, old lyrical ability. (can't snooze on this one)
Nokia - Cat's Get Thrown... not the rapper, the phone. (can't get enough of this kind of marketing)

Album of The Week:

DJ Revolution's - The ABC's of High Fidelity.
If you are into just kicking back, lighting a dutch or 4, and wanna hear some great breaks, this is the album to purchase. Don't say that I didn't tell you so.

Cop Killer.

In case you haven't been following the story...let me bring you up to date. Basically, the dude who played Calogero in "A Bronx Tale" was out late drinking at a Bronx strip club with his ex-girl's father when they decided to go get some drugs to top the night off. The two men showed up at the house of an old friend, (who moved out two days previous) and proceeded to break into his house looking for Valium pills. A NYC police officer who lived next door heard the ruckus and went to check it out. Holding his badge and gun in hand he confronted the two men and a gunfight broke out. The man who was his ex-girls father shot the cop 2-4 times before being shot in the balls and twice in the chest. Calogero, was shot twice in the chest also by the cop. After a long ride to the hospital the officer died and now his family wants answers. Calogero says he feels horribly for what has happened, and that if he knew that his companion was carrying a gun he would've not let him in his car. The family of the NYC cop says that Brancato (Calogero) is a professional actor and that what he is doing is acting, and that he feels no remorse. He could be just doing this to shorten his sentence and possibly make a movie out of what happens when you use drugs and alcohol excessively. The family want to see him go to the chair. Is he acting...???could be. read for yourself and be the judge.

Battle of The Boces.

This year went by faster than extractions after a Gus's Hot Dog eating contest. What was funny though was this....Dick Clark (ABC) looked like he was gonna heel over and die during the ceremony and his wife got tongued down good, Carson Daly (NBC) botched up the countdown...let's just hope that the reason that he forgot that 3 comes after 4 is that maybe he counting on crowd participation, and not the fact that he was completely sober. Last but not least, Regis Philbin sang "New York, New York" and also rocked the crowd...He was later found in a Best Western ass naked running around after Marv Albert and boning Paris Hilton while drunk dialing Kelly Ripa.
"Oh What A Night" ---The Diabolical Biz Markie

HIP HOP YOU DONT STOP...flyers. (totally blogworthy)...good looks toast.

Sly Candy ------O-0------->

Ever wonder how Fergie got to where she is??? This is her previous girl group...Wild Orchid. Couple of hotties...huh...I said couple...which means 2, the girl in the middle is bduh bu busted, no wonder they never had a hit single. Fuck Fergie by the way. Her humps are lumped. Until the next time I feel like filling you in. Happy New Year my fellow bloggers. ----Vdot.

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