Friday, November 18, 2005


When getting drunk, high, geeked, perked, and shroomed out just isn't enough.
By the way...She's actually cheating on her big black boyfriend. Way to go girl...

Where's Da Beef?

Yet "mo money mo money mo money" and of course... exclusives. (ownage audio).

Tru City Killah

If you have been craving the early sound of the underground hip hop scene....I mean like when it wasn't overpopulated with watered down fruits n berries with that stupid make no sense jibberish...there was a sound, a gritty sound. Something that was just right in the way that fries go with a burger, how it is essential to drive with your eyes open...and most importantly like how Queens breeds it's emcees. Yako is back with a collection of some old, some heard, and some never leaked out of Mondee's bedroom freestyles. This is an independent quit shammin', sell those Ja Rule cds you used to love so much. They're just sitting there collecting grit cause those songs got played out the first week they were released...and now you can't stand to even be near a radio playing them. DOOFIS TERMS: JA RUE = SELL ON EBAY

Gaymers Corner

It's kinda sad to see that people are buying these XBOX 360's up in bulk and hoarding them for the holidays. Now going for about $1200 on ebay, this is the hottest Xmas gift to come out so far...but from what some sources say it isn't living up to the consumers expectations. READ. According to a number of reviews, the 360 lacks the ability to play the old xbox games, and the power to hold up to people playing for more than 7-8 hours. Again, these aren't my reviews...they are random reviews from across the internet, so my advice to you is...PLAY IT LIKE A PIMP. A BROKE PIMP! Wait till your uppity asshole friend that has everything gets one first, then just play his and make your own review. Why should you waste your hard earned money when his parents will buy one for him even though he's 40, still living at home. We all know that everyone out there has that one "innovator" person they know. The one that has to have everything the day it comes out. Guess what folks...? Lemme fill you in on this little secret. The companies like Microsoft, Sony, Panasonic, etc....they count on these fuckos to sit outside the stores in 10degree weather waiting in long lines and telling all thier friends that they are getting the "IT" gift of the year. It helps them promote product. Peep Dis. Ever notice how a few months down the line (after they have sold a shitload at the entry price) the cost all the sudden drops? Sometimes a few hundred bucks on the high priced items ie..plazma, LCD, video cameras and even cell phones. That's because they now need to maintain the high earnings and keep thier sales at a constant rate. So the price went from $10,000 for a plazma in '02 to now as low as $1,500 for a plazma now. The companies still make out because they aren't making what they used to, but they are selling twice as many. A bit of advice...and the point of this whole entry: WAIT...don't be one of these jerks that loses money because they gotta have it'll be there, who says it's going somewhere???? You could end up saving yourself or someone that cares about you a nice chunk of change
. Spend it on a vacation, a night out, or even on crappy teams during rivalry week..whatever. Don't be the asshole unable to feed your kids because Madden '06 is hot, or for that matter, the same dumbass thug standing at the bus stop with brand new tims and a brand new coat, wondering why he is still cold and riding the public transpo. Wake up people. PS3 will be out in April and is sure to have a much better selection of games.

Awe Shit.

The cold weather is here and with that comes shoveling the shit that is brother to winter. Snow is good for some things though. Throwing your friends in it, pegging cars with it, keeping beers cold on the back porch, and of course pissing in it. I just love the steam that rises after the shaky back chill following a nice urination. brrrroooowwwwww.

I apoligize for being away for so long. new hours...xmas shopping @ the dollar store...and shooting my own out with my carbon powered red ryder bb gun. "hell that ain't no this here's a tree!"

The Producers...

Staple your eyes open so you don't miss the new album from Jack N. Vinyl ....which is untitled at this time. This will feature guest appearances from some of your favorite upstate underground artists. It's pretty simple to explain you now = gay we would like to bring the dope back and sling it durt cheap. We as producers, feel the need to let you hear some of the gems that have been in the vaults now for quite some time. Because no one person or group of people are really worthy of these beats, thus we will be dabbling with the flow as well as the constant raping and pillaging of samples to overlay in between. That's enough about that... no word has been discussed yet about the projected release date. But what we do know for sure is that this will be long awaited attempt to put an end to all the nonsense that's been going on in this thought we used to call music.


I'll be back shortly. Time to put that plastic piece of shit you call a tree up. Shout out to all the females that broke up with thier boyfriends to save money this year...and to all the boyfriends that were cheating anyway. UNo.

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