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What's good fellow readers writers. Been a minute since I have blogged and have a few special treats for you. Some dope eye candy for all my graffiti heads, fresh music (as always), and a special photo segment filled with gripes and personal hatred.

Unknown Artist for both. Realistic as hell.


London based artist Banksy keeps the great ideas flowing constantly. Some of his artworks have been said to be worth millions. Vandalism or Creative expression, the question is asked again as another pop artist of our time carves his niche in the art world.

Banksy recently came to Brooklyn NY.

Just plain ill.

Peace Molotov. This would make an ill tattoo. He'd have to be throwing a spray can at police though.

Man I think he put it perfectly. We all hate the meter readers.

ASS OF 2010
Chillin' here with a jip and some JD I was admiring my high school years. It seems we've all lost touch a bit and I couldn't help but to dig up some class photos and an old video that was a favorite of mine.


Drake was all over this year and if I hear his overconfident ass again I'm going to snap and dropkick the fucking stereo. Here's what I sing everytime I hear or see that stupid commercial he's in.
"Last name, ever,
First name, gayest....
Drake never fucked a girl,
because he loves anus,

gettin shoved down your throat,
that's how he became famous,
never be a real rapper,
cause he'll always be the lamest..."
See, anyone can be a rapper....even you.
 Part of why our society is going to shit is because we are riding the dicks of people from Canada and other countries. I remember going to Montreal and being amazed at how much our icon and culture influenced them. Can someone tell me what happened? Michael Buble' is another one...this wannabe Frank and Dean couldn't get a better gimmick. "I wouldn't give the bum a mopjob." Deniro said. Heeeeeey, here's a great idea, why not try to be original again. Yeah, you know, like we used to be back in the day. We went from being builders and suppliers of the world to consumers looking for the cheapest, best deal possible, and settling for an industry filled with fake people, corny music and lame movie remakes. We seriously must look like assholes to the rest of the world looking up to some of these flakes on the idiot box. I can't wait for the Back To The Future trilogy to be remade featuring  Betty White as Loranne, Antione Dodson as Mayor Goldie Wilson, and Busta Rhymes as Biff. "oh Biff????!!!" How many historic sitcoms and classic old movies are we going to fucking ruin by remaking them starring Will Smith's kids and Steve Carrel. I'm sorry, but I walked out of the movie Independence Day when I saw Will Smith It didn't take me long to realize that if the world were going to come to an end, the not-so Fresh Prince wasn't gonna be able to do shit to save our sorry asses. To this day I refuse to watch ANY Will Smith movie. That's like Larry David co-starring with Jason Statham in Crank 8. Fuck it. I'll wait for it to hit DVD. Oh shit, but it's only on blu-ray. Guess we all got burned again. You'll see me talking some shit like "I spent a ton of dough on my movie collection, now my kids can't eat, unemployment is expired, and everything went to fucking blu-ray. I must sell it, but I can't wait that long, "IT'S MY MONEY AND I NEED IT NOW!!!" (screaming with a gun to my head)


I started DJing around the time he became an intern at Uptown records. Damn I'm old.


I have no clue what the obsession was with this clown. Lil' Kim has her by a mile.
Not to mention, her music blows in my opinion.

Rick Ross , aka Security Rent-A-COP Officer Rick Ross aka Albert Anastasia, aka let me steal the name of a famous gangster and act like I'm the real one. aka let me act like I'm affiliated with white mobsters by naming all my releases after them.. aka let me steal Suge Knight's look and act like it was mine. aka Jigga made himself look like a horrible A and R  and never should have singed me. aka Please keep ya shirt on.


Keeping up with the Celebretards. Someone give me my own show on the E! network and see if I don't become famous. We can call it 33 and Ignorant.


 I actually took the time to steal his album. Surprising to say the least.
Rager 2 wasn't bad, but it wasn't that good either.


What can I say. In the next day or two he'll say, or do something else that will make him look like the real person that he is. A fuckin' fool. I would love to be his most annoying fan and just follow him around with a radio like John Cusack from Say Anything .  Have it blasting "they should've never gave you niggas money" from Chapple's Show on loop. But I'd probably get people saying that I was a racist. Hey, I guess i could give Michael Richard's a call, I'm sure he isn't doing shit. I wonder if his girl cut her hair off on her own or if cornyay made her do it so that she would look more like the man he always wanted.


Freeeee Weeeeezzzzzy . If these aren't the simplest verses ever written I don't know what is.
I seriously think that if him and the Nutcracker from the Group Home were to battle, that Nut would win it by a landslide. Dudes got young money....from all his days with Master P. He's just everywhere now, his music still sucks and for the record, he can't sing. Well, they said Bob Dylan couldn't sing either.


Katy Perry looks more like a nobody here. I'm sure it was Field Day and you know that there was one of those giant orange coolers somewhere filled with Hi-C Orange Drink. Isn't it amazing what a little money can do to an average girl.


This was the girl that everyone got a BJ from, but no one wanted to have sex with her. She was the 'teamtaker'. Afterschool head was the best.


This is where they must have got the outline for the chunky Nefertiti  medallions back in the 90's. I always at least give try to his shit a listen, but haven't found one song worth playing on any of their horrible n.e.r.d. albums.


Imagine this guy is trying to act hard now like he's been in it from the get-go. Comon-man, You used to rock flip-flop....and your a man....and you sound too much like Eminem to even be signed by his label. I'm still scratching my head wondering what the fuck he was thinking? I wish I sent him my demo. Then again, if he's willing to sign this guy, I'm glad I didn't.


I got love for Beyonce, she's supertalented. If I could ask her anything it would be, "how come when you were with Destiny's Child all your song names were the same word, three time in a row?" ie. no, no no, bills, bills, bills, etc. Probably never to that class on how to name songs.

Meat Drapes

Lady Gaga is becoming a victim of her own fame. She is actually pretty talented and can play piano extremely well. I'm predicting that she will have a long career as a pop icon. That entails buying and reopening Neverland, Keeping herself in seclusion while doing interviews only for OWN Network, and doing a nationwide tour to all the best steakhouses in the US with Guy Fieri.

...and the best for last. I laughed so hard and blew all the tree out of the pipe and almost caught the carpet on fire when I saw this.
Lil' Jon

That one picture looks like that muppet of Robin Harris from way back when.
Lil' Jon was the original Urkel, fuck that.

They Should Be Homeless

It's funny, this song is over 10 years old yet it still describes 99% of the music industry today.


The brand new 'live' recordings of Dilla's Donuts.
I've had these for a bit, but I figured why not be a good guy and share.
Remember where you got it first. 
Only from United Crates.

Check out Toby's new trick.

More shit to come.

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