Thursday, January 13, 2011


I've been obsessed with Wheel Of Fortune lately and saw someone absolutely blow it the other night and lose like 16K to the bankrupt wedge. If that happened to me I'd surely lose it on live TV. The girl clearly could have solved the puzzle, but she decided to be greedy. It got me many other people are this dumb, and I wondered if Vanna had ever taken a spill wearing those long dresses. I came across this and couldn't stop laughing. I just love how Pat starts running out of things to say to lessen the blow. Classic.


In my estimation, there are four stages to the process of watching the film. The first is Interest. You’re watching a film about street art, something most of us know little about. The second is Envy. Not only does the film’s main subject, Thierry Guetta, get to live in this world but he gets to meet Banksy, the eventual director, who just happens to be the most illusive and famous man in this niche of art. The third is Amazement. When the film flips on its head and everything you’ve learned comes into question, you’ll be blown away. And the final stage is Disbelief. After finishing the film and knowing a little about it, you second guess whether or not Banksy has pulled a fast one on us. Is Thierry Guetta, aka Mr. Brainwash, for real? Or is he just the latest piece of art created by Banksy? If you haven't been up on this, do the knowledge. "who ever thought hip-hop would take it this far"  

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I just recently linked with Yak and he helped me out so I figured I'd return the favor. I can still remember drinking a bottle of Hennessy and spinning records in his suite while we pre gamed for 'The Dirty Show', which was my radio show at college. Those were the days. He had just released his single 'The Reign', The Weathermen just dropped a dope single and he was working on his debut album "My Claim", which was an underground classic in my opinion. I still bust it out now and then. Mondee was definitely on his job. If you want more info on Yak go grab some merch and free downloads at
If you really wanna dig something up try to find this shit....Suge_White-Where_My_Dogs_At??-2000-MHZ  
Some rare gems on there.

 Wanna Battle?

Ok we have to get some things straight. I'm a blogger, I guess, or a hater if that what you want to call me. Hey, whatever melts your fuckin' butter. America is a "free" country and I'm entitled to my OWN opinion. My opinion on Oprah is simple. She is a fraud that has pulled the wool over her fans and followers eyes for years. Besides being one of the richest, most influential people in America, she is a victim of her own fame. I don't like the fact that she can put something on a list and then the shit starts flying off the shelves that day. I also don't like the fact that she gives away free cars, TV's and other expensive items at Christmas time. I guess her idea of a good Christmas is new vehicles, electronics, and all sorts of other unreleased shit given to specific people that SHE sees fit to receive it. That's what Christmas is all about like the 'buy these shoes song'  that brings my wife to tears everytime she hears it. How must the people feel that are watching this. Way to go asshole, let's try to promote the real meaning of Christmas. People are losing their houses to foreclosure, their kids to suicide, their jobs to the a failing economy, and every week someone is going ballistic opening fire and taking people hostage because of the hard times at hand. I'm not in any way saying that she is to blame, but shit like that does have an effect on everyone. It's the struggling single mother with three kids to feed that just had to have the overpriced handbag she saw on Oprah's favorite things. Or the guy that blows $40 a week on lottery trying to live the dream. I know because I see these idiots everyday that live beyond their means. They are in front of me, in my way, scratching off lotto tickets when I'm just trying to pay for my gas. Here's what the new lottery slogan should be. Instead of  'hey, ya never know.', how about something more accurate like 'hey, you never win."  Great marketing for a struggling economy. Anyway, her new network OWN (which I'm sure has a deeper meaning) just launched and I'm know that a ton (pun intended) of women and some gay men are overly excited about this. It's really too bad that people look up to someone so highly that can dish out advice on just about anything, but can't practice what she preaches. For as long as I can remember she has been fighting with her weight. I think there might have been a few months, or maybe even a year that she was actually slim. Point being, she should fire her personal trainer and throw her silverware in the trash. It's obvious that he hasn't helped one bit over the years and if I have to go Parez Hiltonesk on her ass I will.
How can she, the woman of all women not be in control of her weight. All of us have struggled at one point, that is unless you have the metabolism of a fucking cheetah, but most of us don't. I can't even recall how many times I've seen her talking all sorts of shit about how to lose weight. She brings in these people and not one time has anyone ever commented on HER weight struggle. It's always on the best way to lose it. I guess no one wants to burn her because she is so powerful that they may never be able to get on TV again. See what money can buy? The best part is that people actually listen and think that she's serious. She's not, she more phony than Jordan's on Ebay and if she wasn't, she'd look a lot more like her friend Gayle King, and a lot less like King Kong in a wig. I have no ties to Oprah or her show, and if she asked me to come on and explain this blog post, I wouldn't for any amount of money. That's how you beat the system. Speak up, Speak out, Be heard. How does the saying go....Money can't buy love.....especially from bloggers. I got one more present for you Oprah, something I'm sure you haven't see in a while.


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