Tuesday, April 10, 2012



VIA Casey's Tumblr:

Today Is The Day. 5 Years In The Making. Vol.1 At 13. Vol.2 At 15. And Now. At 18 Years Old And A Lot OF Time Under My Belt This Is The Tape I Wanted To Drop. All Original. I Worked Hard On This Thing. I Had Thoughts Of It When I Was Making Sleeping in Class. I Knew I Wanted To Do This. I Do This For The Youth, I Wanna Show The World That Young People Can Be Great. I Wanna Embrace The Entire Culture And Take It By Storm. This Is The Exact Music I Wanted To Make. I Will Never Let Anyone Turn My Color Into Black And White. Grind Hard Live Fast Get By Stay Golden. Ladies And Gentlemen. I , Young Casey Veggies. Present To You. Customized Greatly Vol.3.

I haven't peeped it yet, someone asked me to post it for them. Enjoy.

Download "CG3"


NORE mixtape that just dropped this morn. Grab it if you want. I find that Noreaga always has funny lines and picks great tracks to rock over. Teaming up with Green can't hurt either. I'm excited to hear the NORE x Alchemist joints coming soon, but this will have to hold us all till the album. Like said, these are requests and I haven't even listened to them. If they end up sucking, then you can see what happens without me filtering through the releases.

Download "COS"


This was the apparent diss to L.L. Cool J for the way he handeled Canibus's verse in the song 4,3,2,1. and what eventually led to the feud.

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