Thursday, December 09, 2010


I always thought as a kid this logo did have something to do with the WWF.

He's old as dirt now. What you can't see is his wheelchair and diaper.

It should say "Jared get's no pussy"


I was just bullshitting about why no one thinks of anything original like 'In Living Color'. Even 'Saturday Night Live' has sucked since the Sandler and Farley alum left. Nah, they'd much rather follow the trend and put out a corny reality show that is anything but reality. My favorite is "Desperate Housewhores That Swallow For Benzes But Get Cheated on By Their Husbands While Throwing Their Daughters Super Sweet 16 Teen Pregnancy Party". Good show right there. More comedy, less drama please. World. Is anyone fuckin' there?

I feel like a zombie. I have to go to bed.

g'night wiggas.

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