Saturday, December 04, 2010


Hello all established readers, fans, and followers. I know that you have been without the knowledge of why I haven't officially dropped my album. I'm going to give it too you straight because I want you to really know what happened. I would've loved to release The Empire Plan on my birthday, which was Black Friday. I had the album done for 2 months actually, but decided to added another song that I felt had to be on there, in turn, it slowed the process. I gave the final to Papa Nucc and he started work on it right away. The day before Thanksgiving Katz had about 75% of it mastered at that point. He was going away for Thanksgiving, and I'm sure if I stayed on top of it, he would've have had it done. I'm just not the guy that bugs the shit out of people to get shit done. I'd rather leave them alone to do their thing. The one thing I didn't want to happen though was for it to be rushed, so me being me, I told him take his time and do his best. If it didn't drop on Black Friday who cares. I know a good amount of people are waiting for it, but the true fans would give me a break because I gave them one. Pun intended. I pushed it back to Xmas eve and that made me feel comfortable that it would be done by then. Well, turns out it will be finished early, so I will give it out this coming Friday. I promise, you will not be let down. I've been giving random people listens and taking their feedback. Not because I'm going to change anything, but because I'm curious about what they think of the album. Everyone enjoyed what they heard. Good for me, but better for you. This album will be given out for free for promotional use only and only be intended for use as a parody of the music industry as a whole. 

Here's another good Christmas cd for your collection.



I think this is titled Gates of Hell, but not sure. This shit is nuts. I don't know how they do it. You know you'd be nervous to walk over it.

Don't ask me why I've been ending the blogs with a funny .gif file.

Just enjoy the ride.

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