Friday, December 03, 2010


Be sure to check out The Capital Coup Hosted by Albany's own Lofi Lobo. Every Friday from 10-12, and sometimes longer. Oh shit, It's coming on in an hour or so. Stream it HERE.
He plays the best in exclusive local, and underground  hip hop. I tune in every week and have yet to be disappointed. I feel like a dick I haven't put this up sooner. Big up to Lobo, Dj Trumaster, and the rest of my 518 heads.

"WHEN I WAS ALL SO SIMPLE" (and plain.)

I remember begging my mother to buy me this because I was the only kid in the neighborhood that didn't have one. Everyone was racing theirs every sat morning on a homemade dirt track my buddy had in his backyard. I just wanted to be down with that. When I finally got mine it was over. I used to work on models when I was growing up, so I had an advantage over the other kids. Before I even brought it to the first race, I stripped the stickers off it and custom painted it black with blue writing. Added racing stickers i got out of a gumball machine. It looked crazy, and all the other kids had the one in the picture. You can bet your ass the next week everyone was trying to paint their shit up. Some of them looked like a finger painting threw up, other kids actually enlisted their dads' to help them. It's just funny to me to recall that story at Christmas 2010, knowing that I was trying to be different way back then. Guess some things never change.

This was the Jumpity Jump when I was growing up. Vanessa's Lunchbox. This was top of the line back in the day.

Speaking of Vanessa. Awshit. We always forgive, but we never forget.

Hey Kobe, we're all still waiting on a followup to your 2000 hip hop release.

Juss Listen.

This is the 85th time he played "eye of the tiger" at his Xmas party.

Word is.

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