Thursday, August 18, 2011



Love him or hate him, Necro is still one of the most dominant forces in underground hip hop today. It's hard to believe that it's approaching the 10 year anniversary of "Gory Days". I remember getting that as a stocking stuffer from my girl who is now my wife. When your girl buys you anything Necro, you better wife her. That instrumental album is still a favorite of mine and the artwork to this day cannot be touched. Salute the original goon of hip hop buy hitting his store and copping something fresh. Follow him on twitter as well for special sales on his merchandise.


Ever since back when he was with Demigodz, Apathy has always had the drive to improve his music and his fanbase. 10 years later his music is more popular than ever and I'm glad to see that the tables are turning toward the underground this year. What is also great is that he isn't afraid to take chances on adding new producers to the line up.
Apathy's new album is fire as well... cop it and be amazed. Click the banner.

I bought mine on vinyl, how bout you?
later hater.

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