Wednesday, August 17, 2011



This shit is illy.


This disc came out a few weeks ago, but I figured I'd post it with the live video. Wais P. is on the fast track gaining respect from the underground as well as many well known emcees.
DOWNLOAD "Random Pimp"


Here's a just released Ghostface LP. Nah, don't get's just a bunch of classic ghost and wu freestyles all on one compilation. I still remember the first time I ever heard that Stretch and Bobbito freestyle over the "i got cha opin" beat. I was 17, finishing up work at Hoffman car wash and had my walkman rolling during closing. It was the first joint on a DJ Ekim tape I had popped in after grabbing it from my homie's crib. Glad I snagged that tape.
Download "The Fisherman"

01 00:50 Intro
02 02:11 Song Cry
03 02:57 Hot Shit
04 02:52 Thinking
05 07:16 Wu-Tang Bang Feat Method Man
06 03:37 Hard Not To Show It
07 02:43 Six Foot Feat Method Man
08 02:15 Crew Deep Down
09 04:26 The Old Wu Shit
10 02:10 Park Hill
11 03:52 Roll Call Feat Wu Tang Clan
12 05:45 Say That Shit

...and support by purchasing a copy if you like it.

We laughing all the way to the Super 8.

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