Monday, September 26, 2011



1. How Do You Feel
2. Dedication
3. Purfume Trail
4. Loved By Asians
5. Live To Write feat. Mic King

a free ep given away in conjunction with Illegal Promo
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Nike-Dunk_SB_(Todd Bratrud Cigar Edition)-2011-NIKE

These are dope as shit. It's about time they started chopping up the earth tones. I remember in 1997 or 98 they made a dope pair of cigar colored ACG hiking sneakers. Wish I knew enough to stock one rock one back then. Would've been nice to fuck dudes heads all up breaking out a pair of those. They were never re-released again or retroed. There was also a nice pair of woodgrain dunks that were very limited and if you are lucky maybe you'll get the chance to bid on a REAL pair via Ebay.

Sick Hick Cookbook Recipe # 23

Michael Jordan's Three Peat Macaroni and Three Cheeses
It's way easier to just take a picture than type the whole shit over again.
Don't even ask me where I dug this up. I wouldn't be able to tell you. It crossed my path a few weeks ago and I made it the other night. It had to make the book.
I like to add about a tblsp of cayenne pepper sauce to the mix as well. Substitute: Franks Red Hot.

Yum Yum for you Dum Dums.


After turning the hip hop world upside down with his tribute to Nas recorded with fellow Detroit native Elzhi. Will Sessions is back with this LP, that dropped on Okayplayer a few days ago. Dopeness.
Download "Sessions"

No Press pass, No Problem.


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