Thursday, March 17, 2011


A perfect example of what happens when Albany shows up to your party. Not exactly the LA riots, but plenty of assholes ready and willing to flex some buurrr muscles. How about that dumb lush that fell through the sunroof. Half of them have been caught all ready. Fun while it lasted. The whole 20 minutes.


World Series '08 Philly

You can actually hear the bottle go bouncing off his head much to the delight of the onlooking crowd.


I'm pretty sure he was saying stop. This is actually my 15th time watching it. A little bit of Adobo sprinkled on to those logs could have helped the fat bastard.

The new weather is here, and those hammertoe bitches couldn't wait to break out those dingy ass flip flops. Some of you dudes are guilty too.
"I'ma rock wiggas this summa"

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