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Dr. Khil - Khilgore Trout Remixed by the Vinylcologist 2011 UC

RIPPER........: Tootass
LABEL.........: GCE X United Crates
ENCODER.......: Lame 3.97 V2
BITRATE.......: VBRkbps
MODE..........: Joint-Stereo
DATE.RiPPED...: Mar-10-2011
DATE.RELEASED.: 000-00-0000
TRACKS........: 17
SOURCE........: CDDA

01 Illy Pilgrim 02:25
02 Sherlocked Holmes 02:37
03 Frodope Baggins 02:26
04 Alan Quarterounce 02:24
05 Tom Saw Ya 01:45
06 Make 'em Dead III 02:25
07 Gabriel Guava 03:23
08 Walter Kojaked 03:23
09 Francis Magruber 01:46
10 Wilin' Loman 01:47
11 Bomb Joad 02:13
12 Hiro Antagonist 02:23
13 Robbin' Hoodies 02:34
14 Cheif Brohaan 01:50
15 Gray Gatsby 02:14
16 Oliver Twisted 00:56
17 Annie Kneel Sunn 01:59

TOTAL 38:30 min

Here's the recent remix I did of Dr. Khil's Khilgore Trout Album. This is a dope collection of beats and breaks that are sure to have you dipping your head. This megaexculsive is mixed by yours truly. There isn't too much changed from the original except that the remixed the album features scratches and stabs, vocal snippits, and a totally different tracklisting, cover, and inlay. "I couldn't just do a regular remix. I had to spice it up a bit more than the norm. So now the next time someone asks you who invented the remix, say whoever the fuck you want. When they ask who perfected the remix you better shout...@UnitedCrates!



PUNCHFACE!!!!! You know it's the action series. This is the game that your parents wouldn't even buy for you if you begged them for it. One reason being that they didn't want to instill bad values in your mind at such a young age. The main reason is that it was never released. This is actually and album promo (I think?) for a band called 'Punchface". Dope ass name for a band, but still not the beat I ever heard. The best band name ever is still 'Bloodbath and Beyond'. It's going to take something good to knock the crown off that name.

Want to look up all your old Nintendo pleasures.
Get a list of all the classics

Here's some thing else that you should own, if you are a collector.

These are clocks made out of antique Nes games and the hang right on your wall.
These can be adapted to use as a desk clock as well. Courtesy of RetroRespect. If there is a certain game you have in mind, you can even ship it and they will make a clock out of it or they will find you any particular game. They can also make CDS, and Vinyl albums that come with numbers into clocks as well.
Prices range from
$15 dollars pre-made
to $25 for custom
Email for a list of what's in stock. It changes based on what games are available. These come hand numbered and are released on a very limited basis to avoid unauthorized replicas.

2011 Dodge Challenger

One of the dopest American cars ever made. This shit floats and will leave a Porsche in the dust. I really need one of these. It's crazy to think how dope this would look in charcoal gray with two-tone neon green and black seats. These are customizable. Hit up Dodge for more info and specs. America is stepping it up with car production so take advantage and support you troops by buying American.


The newest (and best I've found) of the 'winning' tee shirts. Charlie Sheen has been going out of his mind lately and us as typical stargazers have loved every minute of it. His ex-wife Brooke has recently filed a court order of protection against the Wild Thing and took his 2 twin boys from his home where he reside with his two goddesses. This resulted in a series of ustream, tv, and media tirades that coined the term 'winning'. He also said something about tigers blood dripping from his fangs. Hence the best of both worlds with this shirt from Upper Playground.
Just yesterday the cops, with search warrant in hands showed up to Sheen's Sober Lodge to raid it. His ex-wife told police that he keeps a stash of weapons there and was obviously in fear for her life and the life of here two young boys. We can only hope this guy doesn't die too soon. We all are enjoying this new show way too much to have it canceled. #LOSING


Ok, I literally stumbled across this on the web (drunk off scotch) last night and had to share it. i laughed for like 10 minutes and thought that I saw this place in Clifton Park Center at one point, minus the funny spacing of letters. I'm guessing that the sign company or the guy who worked for them isn't employed there anymore.


Be sure to check out @unitedcrates and Listen Live on the Capital Coup every Friday from 10pm-12am with Lofi Lobo and the rest of the fam. WCDB has been very supportive over the years and they always sneak in a few exclusives. I may even send him a couple new tracks to play for tonight or next week. I can't decide yet which I want to drop on heads. Lofi Lobo and myself are currently planning a United Crates special edition takeover show that will highlight all the classics from the 518 music scene and break new exclusives only for that time slot.


The newest tee shirt to promote The Nintendo EP Part 2.
get up on it. Great with a pair of Nintendo Dunks.


I don't know yo.... those look pretty damn fake to me.
I hope to soon be #Playing Biz Markie - Spring Again and looking outside to 75 degree weather.

Always hunting for more shit to blog.

Later fellow haters.

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