Saturday, July 08, 2006


I'm Baaaaack!!!!! Everyone keeps asking me what's up with the fuckin' blog wigga, It's been like two months!!!! Plain and simple, my computer hasn't been working since a few days after Memorial day. We have so much to touch on. (no homo)
To make a long story short, Timewarner Cable don't know shit about computers. Period. They gave me the runaround for almost a month before I finally figured out that my ethernet card was the problem. Get this, in the meantime their telemarketing service is calling me to ask if I would like to combine my payments and sign up for digital phone and basic cable. What a joke right, the shit that I'm paying for isn't even working and they're tring to sell me some other garbage. I told the lady to get her head out of her ass and bother someone else. She stated that she was in a different department and I should call and let them know. I snapped, and basically told this bitch to kiss my powder white ass, and I didn't need to pay for something I'm stealing. Why would I. She must have been shook, because I haven't heard from thier marketing dept. since. Fuck them. Goofballs.

This stunning picture is a view from the bedroom balcony in our Lake George townhouse. After going way overboard last year I really didn't think that we could top it. I was so wrong.
Last Year ('05)
-23 blunts
-12 people + guests
- 10+ lbs. of food.
- $20 worth of oscar's beef jerky
- shitty weather
- 3 bottles of champagne
- 4 bottles of wine
- 10 bottles of liquior
- 15 Vinylcologist tee shirts
- 3 fresh pairs of Nikes
- 1 broken golf club
- random moochers
- 14 people hungover on Tuesday
This Year ('06)
- 43 blunts
- 18 people + guests
- 20+ lbs. of food.
- $40 worth of oscar's beef jerky
- perfect weather
- 8 bottles of wine (one exploded in freezer)
- 6 bottles of champagne
- 15 bottles of liquior
- 8 518 tee shirts and 2 "fuckwow" tees
- 6 fresh pairs of Nikes
- no golf clubs to break
- more random moochers
- 25 people hungover on Monday.
This is just a quick comparison, there was a ton of shit I left out and if I got into it, we could all be arrested and asked never to come back. Hope everyone who was a part of it had a great time, I know I did and from the pre-orders for next year it seems like they did too.


Again I have to vent on some crap that's really been bothering me. I just wanna know, what the fuck is up with these corny knockoffs trying to be another American Idol. The layout is the same for all these gay ass shows, a few judges that think they know shit, some dumb annoying no talent pieces of shit that are waiting on thier big break, and you get to sit back and watch the breakdowns happening on live tv. From Ultimate Fighter, to So You Think You Can Dance, Making Of a Star to America's Got Talent, these are all good examples of why reality tv bites da big baaawwlz. Regis....Regis...Regis. What a clown. I'm starting to think that if I somehow convinced Regis to get on a track with me that my records would go diamond. This is how much star power this geek has. He thinks he's funny. He's not. He think's because he puts more foundation on than my girl that he is somehow gonna be young again. Welllllllllll NO! SUPEROLD FUCK! Old as all those excuses people keep using to TRY to quit smoking stoges. These companies need to try something new, inproved, and not so clean. I have an idear. How bout taking some white kids who are nasty on the mic and giving them thier own show. Let them battle it out with beats and verses until someone wins. One catch though. ....give them knives and guns. This would make for a great gangster reality. Ya think?

fo' aw my pizzabreff wiggaz.

New music has been posted on myspace so be sure to check it on a regular basis. I was never a fan of letting people download exclusives, but I may give some shit up that is sure to be instant classic. Be checking in on the weekly for new instrumentals and freestyles. You can now (for the first time ever!) add songs from the Origin Ill Inc. page, so get on it!!!!! The new Jack N. Vinyl mixtape is set to drop anytime now. Put on your hunting gear and get ready for this season in the woods.

Speaking of Jack:

His keyboard recently crapped out on him. Too many drunken latenights with something aged on ice until 7am. You can bet that! He basically wore out the disk drive, and now is looking to get his old module back from a friend. He's been using my Triton because it collects more dust than Sir Mix-A-Lot's bumapasaurus album. I'll always stay analog and digi with the dust around. crates n eighths.

FREE VINYL!!!!!! no, he's not in jail. This is where I hit you with some dope shit to bump in that moving violation you call a hooptie.
-korn dogz
-special teamz
-live from the dugout '87

Back to the bottle and beats. peash.

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