Saturday, April 29, 2006


Sup my fucko's and fuckette's???? Just thought that we have another one of those talks you love sooooooooo much. It's back to the rat race tommorrow so I figured I'd let off some steam.

Speaking of pigs....

J-Zone and Celph Titled have some parodies of thier own. "Listen"


This season's episodes of the Sopranos are really starting to get at me. Can we at least have one show that doesn't "touch" on the overtalkedabout subject of gay's and homosexuality. They should have called it "queer eye for the fat guy". I mean... seriously, the last thing I wanna see on a sunday night, with my girl, is two grown men making out. Especially when I actually was tuning in to watch a sitcom about organized crime. I may be being a little harsh, but I'm just "breaking balls". Tuna in nexta week to see if Tony getsa some smoked turkey all up in da fridge wigga.


One of the first samplers I ever used. It was great for some things....rocking high school dances, stealing instrumentals, and making 12 second beats. "Can it be that it was all so simple then..."Here's some free music to keep your sorry asses coming back to this shithole of a site. FEDS my email is if you have and questions or would like to charge me for the use of ill legal song downloads.

----INSTANT ROTATION----The week of 4/30 - 5/6
--COPYWRITE - this guy can't fight for shit and he seems to have trouble following him, but when it comes down to it none of the cats trying to fight him physically can even touch him mentally. "I'm Baaaaack!" (ill snipper)
--PETE ROCK F. RAEKWON AND MASTA KILLA - pete rock is the only producer, besides madlib and myself that can still take samples that dozens of people robbed and make it hotter and hotter everytime. "the PJ's"
--BLAQ POET - apparently dj premier and the gang at year round are about to bring this shit back to the east. take notice and don't try to be the idiot that finds out last. "Bang Dis!"

-note: this music is a mix of some old (but not old to you) and some's just that these are getting an otter's ass of play 'round here. knaah mean?!


If you are looking for the shit that all the straight villians wear be sure to peep this.
...and get yer flippin game right.



later fucker.

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