Sunday, September 06, 2009

The Speaker Thing

Aight, It's finally here. "Something funky ta listen to..." I don't want your feedback, comments, and other bullshit. Keep your envy for someone who's paying attention. This came just in time for my favorite time of the year. The fall. Hoodies, Jeans, and Blunts of Haze out at ya patio and neighborhood firepit. I wasn't gonna give this out for free, but considering what's out there right now. I figured it's been done for months, and people need something other than tight jeans, botched haircuts, and shitty music to listen to. Here's the tracklisting and CD credits wiggas.

1. Intro
2. Catastrophic (prod. Just Blaze)
3. Uckoff feat. Don Smog (prod. Alchemist)
4. Gettin' Mad High (prod. Vinylcologist)
5. Scriptclub (prod. Necro)
6. Spiked Water (prod. Rza)
7. Toxic Vertigo (prod. P.J. Katz)
8. Operation Rebirth (prod. Pete Rock)
9. Uhhhh Proper (prod. Vinylcologist)
10. Importantest (prod. Madlib)
11. The Speaker Thing (prod. El-P)
12. Flembag feat. Jack of All Trades (prod. MF DOOM)
13. Hurtwords
14. Derranged Uni Verse feat. Don Smog (prod. Necro)
15. Fake-A-Rama (prod. Sebb)
16. Rolled Tightly (prod. Vinylcologist)
17. Mystery of Def (prod. Exile)
18. Hour World (prod. J Dilla)
19. Retro (prod. Vinylcologist)
21. Mike's Ready feat. Big Malk (prod. Ike Dirty)
22. Smoke Buddah (prod. Vinylcologist)
23. Idiots In Action pt. 2 feat. Ed Powers (prod. Vinylcologist)
24. Sidetalkin' (prod. 9th Wonder)
25. Boatshoes feat. Big Nucc (prod. Kardinal Offishall)
26. Concert Kush (prod. Vinylcologist)
27. The Deralic Dialect (reprod. Vinylcologist)
28. Hots Magma feat. Don Smog and Jack of All Trades (prod. Day)
29. Whirlwinded (prod. Roach)
30. Outro

Enjoy your stogie with the smokers' interludes that will get you
through the entire CD.
Light Up, Tune In, and Blackout.

Shout Outs: First and formost, Haze... I don't know where I'd be
without ya. You're like a brother to me. It's due to you that I can
deal with these clowns out at the bars. Killers, you've helped me thru
some tough times dealing with corny dudes and I dank you for dat.
Mids, you've helped me through even tougher times. like that time I
caught a flat up in the mountains. Waiting on Triple A was a bitch.
Kush, always running me for my dough because you know about your edge
on the competition. Dro, for just pretending to be something you're
not. better than average. Swag, Inventor of the $9 bag. Think I give a
Fuck?!? I'll take the quarters out your pocket, you overstuffed pork
hoagie. Least, and also last, Chocolate, Hit me up next time you're in
town and we'll get up and have a session.

Vinylcologist - The Empire Plan (next year)


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