Sunday, February 05, 2006


The big fuckin' day is tommorrow...well.!! It's late, I'm zooted, and I figured that it wouldn't hurt to drop a few lines about who's gonna pay out the ass this year to advertise thier shit. Pizza Hut will feature an ad with the always eyefuckable Jessica Simpson and thier new stuffed with cheese that's gonna have you runnin', talkin' bout toliet bowl Sunday. Budweiser will dig deep into dem pockets trying to revive thier marketing schemes. Please lizards, or conference calls where everyone is screaming like retarded Eden Park nursing home patients. will be looking to score some big points with if we didn't know they exsisted, or remembered that they did. Here's a your money fuckers, the job market blows right now. No one is going to hit up your site even if you paid them in dead nigga storage coupons. Finally, the one we've all been waiting for... The Dove (my fat ass is beautiful even though my sweat stinks like deer blood) campaign. You know, the ads you always see when you are reading O magazine fagboy. Nah, actually you aren't a fagboy, fagboys don't read this blog. There will be many more I'm sure from Coke and/or Pepsi and a ton other companies that we all know are there. They just feel the need to keep reminding us why we don't buy thier products, and why we won't switch from what we like just cause the '05 Daisy Dukes shakes her Nick abused ass.

You AnnNOID yet?

I'm pleased to say that we have a few new projects in the making...including the Jack N. Vinyl project. After going through acres of floppy discs we have at least half of the beats for the project. Special guest production from P.J. "muthafunkin'" Katz and cameos from whoever we decide to be on it. Lucky fucks...also, there has been some talk about a Sween and S.M.O.G. EP as well. Durt Murchants will have thier day in court within the next year, and be on the lookout for the ONLY Origin Ill posse cut that exists right now. Myspace. foo.

EYE CANDY...Isla Fisher...from Wedding Crashers.
till the next juan mang.

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