Sunday, January 29, 2006


"How would you feel if everytime you had to piss you had to do a handstand???" ---Nice Guy Eddie ... R.I.P.

Much apoligies for being away so long. I've been crazy buzy lately recording new joints for the upcoming mixtape. Special thanks to my man P.J. Katz for the nice mixdowns.

UNGRATEFUL LITTLE WHORE! I'm sure you've all heard the rumors about Brad Pitt and Angelina going around that, they indeed are having a child together, and continute to adopt children as they become closer as a couple. ...and for Jen...well, who really cares whats happens with her. Fuck her, she'll always be that corny girl from friends. No wonder why her and hubby Brad didn't work out, he must want a more exciting love life. There is one thing that I really will never understand though. Why the fuck these two overpaid idiots don't adopt kids from inside the states. You'd think that they would like to give a little something back to the country (and the thier fans for that matter) for helping them get where they are now. Living the good life. Instead they have been hopping from country to country adopting little snotnose dirtbags that are covered in flies. To tell you the truth Brad may have been better off a single man. I mean shit, can you imagine all the actresses that would love to linkup with him. He could probably run through Hollywood in less than a year if he kept it on the hush. Enough about that corny shit though...I hope he like Billy Bobs sloppy hundreths. And a big FUCK YOU to you Angelina, for being the stupid fuckling of Jon Voight. I hope those kids spread the bird flu to you.

Praise The Lord...

If you didn't get a chance to see Lord Of War in the theater I suggest that you skip lunch one day with yer broke ass so that you can rent it. This movie was great from start to finish and really makes you think about what really goes on behind the politics of underground arms trading. Nick Cage couldn't have done a better job. He is also accompanied by Bridget Moynahan (of Binghamton, NY) who plays his wife and dream girl in the movie. 9 out of 10. Peep it wigga.


This is what happens when you leave a pile of coke sitting on the table and your cat gets to it before you do. Just back up and wait for this shit to blow over, or you might catch and eye jammy or two.


Figured since I haven't been around in a while I'd Bless you with some treats.
...the samples. dutchmusic.
---Monk Higgins
...the classics.
---Ill Al Scratch
---K.Skills and Dr. Beckett
...the newness.
---MF DOOM and The RZA
---The Dro

March is comin'
This year we have plenty of dope players to watch and this should intensify the gambling process as well. The sheets should be coming around as soon as the Super Bowl is over. Yeah...I mean that quick. As Americans we have this addiction to all things that make us lose our money. Who knows why? We just do. I'm takin' the Seahawks... Steelers don't need the win.

2.2.06 (officially)

Wrexclusive WILL be here by the middle of the week. Get yours by emailing me @ Price is $10. Paypal it. Whatever you have to do to get it. DO ITTTT!!!!!!!

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